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Our on-line cigarettes shop offers a wide variety of tobacco products, from the most luxurious to the most affordable, but all of them are made of high quality tobacco. We can assure that each customer will find cigarettes here for his appeal. The low prices and the wide variety allows to choose cigarettes for each pocket and taste.

Why to buy in our store?

  • We offer European Cigarettes, which respects all the quality standards;
  • The European cigarettes are easier to inhale and have it's own pleasant taste during smoking  and after that, too;
  • In America there is a way to eliminate the risk of cigarette-ignited fires. Yeah, that is true that they help prevent fire ...but how harmful are this components for your organism? What are you worried for more? We do not use chemicals!
    Start saving money. We have all the time discount cigarettes for the best prices;
  • We have a friendly costumer support service that will answer all questions and will keep in touch with you till your order will be delivered to your door;
  • We have a fast and reliable delivery;
  • Attention: We guarantee 100 % confidence and privacy ! We do not disclose or share information about our customers to any authorities. Your identity and purchases will be kept strictly confidential.

We pay a big attention to all details and all customers needs and requests, so the questions are always answered on time and all the problems are solved right away.

We are satisfied only when our customers are happy about our service.

We work with pleasure. We work for people.